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genevieve lafleur

Happy at work? It’s possible!
A pratical guide to finding professionnal hapiness.

This book aims to solve an important problem in today’s society. Employed people from all over the world are crying for help: a vast majority of them are tired, dissatisfied or completely demotivated by their jobs. This imbalance can be felt in all aspects of their lives. Dissatisfaction at work and depression have unfortunately become commonplace.

Through the approach proposed in this book, readers will be allowed to evaluate their state of mind. They will learn how to choose thoughts that complement their daily actions instead of continuing to follow the mechanical thoughts and actions that society has pre-programmed into their minds.

In today’s world, productivity in people’s actions is highly valued at the expense of their mere “being,” which leads to a hyperactive state of “doing.”

Because we are human “beings” and not human “doings,” we need to take the time to pause, think and observe so that we can then choose goals that represent us, that are dear to us, and that make us shine the way we were meant to shine in this world. The downtime required to reflect on our lives and simply “be” is often deemed unproductive, yet it is the greatest present we can give ourselves in order to take our destiny into our own hands and lead the life we want to live.

Don’t wait any longer. Let this book guide you through a self-discovery journey that could change your life.

Through her published works and coaching services, Geneviève has helped thousands of people achieve their life goals and make their wildest dreams come true. She teaches people how to release unconscious emotional blocks, get motivated, find their passion, and take action. Through her energetic and positive approach, she encourages people to take control of their life so they can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. www.genevievelafleur.com  www.prevenirpourmieuxvivre.com

Published books
– Happy at work? It’s possible! A practical guide to finding professionnal hapiness
– Heureux au boulot? C’est possible! Un guide vers votre quête du bonheur professionnel
– The attitude program – How to go beyond the law of attraction and make your dreams come true!
Le programme attitude – Allez au-delà de la loi de l’attraction et réalisez tous vos rêves!
– Amour – Émotions – Guérison, cahier Ubuntu – Éditions GYN
– Sortez du moule… et changez votre vie – Éditions la Semaine
– Quête du bonheur professionnel – Éditions Logiques


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Happy at work? It’s possible! A pratical guide to finding professionnal hapiness. This book aims to solve an important problem in today’s society. Employed...
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